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The Zambian President is Back

Thank you for your prayers, we have arrived safely God Bless you all ~ Hakainde Hichilema Dear Mr President, welcome back home and thank you for greeting the nation with those 3 wonderful appointments just upon your arrival but can you please act on this. People don't want 100s of people wasting tax payers' money coming to queue up and hero worship you at airports, they don't want memories of what used to happen in the recent past to continue lingering in their heads, this is so unnecessary and moreover it's just stressing you, may you please put an end to thatNo women singing and dancing at the airport, no more rails on the red carpet at the airport,that was mediocrity at its peak. We are thankful to our almighty God that you are back safely. Sir your senior member gave a very disturbing announcement yesterday, that the cadres will set up branches in markets and bus stations, please instill discipline in your senior members so that they know what to utter in public. People voted for you because they wanted order to restore but if someone again mention about cadres maintaining order, in the markets and bus stations that will not be acceptedThe removal of that practice is indeed a very great relief because tose people that used to gather at the airport for Lungu, practically took over the inside of the building too. They walked around all over with such impunity and overconfidence, it was frightening as well as disgraceful, especially for foreign travellers, a very welcome change Mr President. One thing I love is how transparent you are mr president, you keep people informed of your whereabouts and what you are up to, no need to ask like guys where is the president, is he sick or what, I’m grateful the nation is not run on autopilot with you

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Hakainde Zambian


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