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Immigration policy

Our country is a banana republic, thanks to the ANC.

05th July 2022

So, this Malawian who was running his own Home Affairs Office at Park Station in a cloakroom, and was arrested yesterday for Identity theft of deceased South Africans to sell them to other illegal immigrants, and being in the country illegally has just been released from police custody.

Watch the video here-

That's the reason people take the law into their own hands Our police are useless. Next time they must waste time reporting such crimes.

Our country is a banana republic, thanks to the ANC.

“Ramaphosa says law enforcement officials must not demand identification from these criminals because it's "inhumane" to enforce the immigration act.

Our hospitality is being abused by ungrateful illegal immigrants enabled by the ANC, DA, EFF, NGOs, and unpatriotic foolish locals who are selling our sovereignty to criminals.

Every day, these useless beasts are exposed, and as patriots, we will continue to fight until we overcome.”

Remember the ANC only cares about votes.

They see Black people as voting cattle.

They don't care about the chaos that illegal immigrants bring into the country, so long as they get votes after providing them with IDs.

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