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Vladimir Putin’s closest allies, captured by Ukrainian forces

Viktor Medvedchuk oligarch who has fallen from grace Viktor Medvedchuk is widely considered to be one of Putin's closest allies, and he claims that the president is the godfather of one of his daughters, Viktor Medvedchuk.

The lawmaker has been on the run since February and was charged with treason by Ukraine last year as a result of his close ties to the Russian regime in the country's eastern regions.

Ukraine's president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, shared a photograph of Medvedchuk, who was wearing an army uniform and being restrained by handcuffs, on social media.

Medvedchuk had been on the run for several weeks before being apprehended.

As he captioned the photograph, President Obama stated, "A special operation was carried out thanks to the SBU." You did a fantastic job! Details will be provided later. "Honor be to Ukraine!"

The leader of Ukraine's most famous Kremlin-supporting political party – Platform for Life – before the war was estimated to be worth approximately £600 million by Forbes magazine the year before the war began.

He had previously attempted to mediate between the two warring countries, but when current Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy came to power in 2019, that role was terminated, and in February of last year, a decree was signed accusing Medvedchuck of "financing terrorism." Medvedchuck has denied the allegations.

A court ordered him to be held under house arrest after being charged of high treason by the government. Russia denounced the move as "an utterly clear cleanse of the political field" and as "anti-Russian."

It is the latest setback in Putin's stumbling invasion, which has already seen him purge 150 of his security men, according to reports.

According to sources in The Mirror, the officers are members of the FSB security service, which is the successor to the KGB. Some have been dismissed from their positions, while others have been detained and interrogated.

Every single one of them fired was reported to have worked for the Fifth Service, a part of the FSB that was established in 1998, when Putin was the organization's director, to conduct operations in former Soviet Union countries.


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