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The people are tired, will the ANC win this year?

The ANC is one of the most oldest and longest ruling political parties in South Africa. The ANC has been in power since 1994, when the first black president, was elected and that was Nelson Mandela.

Over the years that the African Nation Congress(ANC) has been in power they have gotten a little bit of complaints from the people about their leadership. The ANC has had a lot of corruption cases over the years, and all of them have had to do with the theft of public money and a lot other kinds of corruption that you can think of.

Ever since the ANC came in power, there isn't much that have done to improve the economy of South Africa. South Africa is still considered as a developing country despite it having to be one of the richest countries in Africa, with natural resources.

The ANC has had its worst year in the year 2020, where corruption increased a lot and people started being skeptical about the political party. Money that was meant to benefit the people of South Africa was stolen.

People are starting to realise that South Africans are being failed by the ANC, but the big question is will they do something about it. Will they vote for another political party that they believe could actually bring the change that the ANC has so failed to do.

The biggest issue that South Africa faces today is of the fact that unemployment has increased dramatically and has become the highest in the world, and all this is happening under the leadership of the ANC. Could it be that the people that hold positions within the ANC have no knowledge of how to fix these issues, or do they just care about their own gain?

Well, it's clear by now that South africans have had enough of the flawed leadership that the ANC is offering, but will the ANC finally be stripped of its power and another political party comes into power.

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