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Shameful| Fikile Mbalula Attacked On Twitter After Posting This About Winnie Mandela

Date: 26/09/21



The whole country is now aware that today was a very big day for the late Winnie Mandela. This is mainly because the economic freedom fighters did something so big for her that everyone was able to thank the whole party for doing something so big in her honour.

Many people did not expect the economic freedom fighters to name a whole building after Winnie Mandela because of the fact that they are not the African National Congress but they did that. Minister Mbalula posted something about the late Winnie Mandela and got attacked by Twitter people.


The minister of transport posted a picture saying that the president of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa is celebrating the late Winnie Mandela today. This picture was posted exactly around 8 p.m. stating that the whole African National Congress remembers this day as a very important day for the late Winnie Mandela.

The big problem here was that this thing was only posted after the economic freedom fighters revealed the building that they named after her. It seems as if the African National Congress was trying to steal the shine that the economic freedom fighters have been having the whole day.

For once, the whole of South Africa was commending something the EFF had done that took the whole ANC many many years not to do. South Africans did not take this post by the minister of transport lightly as they saw it as very disrespectful to the late Winnie Mandela and the efforts of the economic freedom fighters.


It is quite obvious that the African National Congress does not want to be out shined by the economic freedom fighters. They did not want to commemorate the late Winnie Mandela for all these years she was alive and even after her death. It took a whole new building that was opened in Johannesburg for the African National Congress to realise how important she was to them. They must not try and steal the shine of the good that economic freedom fighters did today.

What is your take on the whole matter? Do you think that the answer is trying to steal the shine from the EFF?

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Fikile Mbalula


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