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Is Mswati Guilty of Incest?

The king of Swaziland has no problem marrying a girl carrying the Dlamini surname. Case in point is Inkhosikati LaFogiyane, born January 7, 1995 as Sindiswa Dlamini. This clearly qualifies as incest, yet the law turns a blind eye to this transgression. The question is, why is the international community silent about this?

Concentrated Blood

There are international agreements of which Swaziland is a signatory that promote and protect the rights and freedoms of females. While it's understood that Swaziland is a sovereign nation, international law still applies. How many men are sitting behind bars in Swaziland because they had sexual relations with their relatives? Knowing Mswati is Dlamini, as per his government name Makhosetive Dlamini, the sheer disregard for the law on his part is evident.

The so-called father of the nation, the epitome of family values, guilty of incest? That doesn't seem to quite fit into the official narrative. The very culture he represents; it has moral undertones to it. This is especially in regard to the celebration and promotion of chastity among maidens. When you counter that with Mswati's incestual reality, where he married Sindiswa Dlamini, a disparity emerges.

Sis Loves Me

The nation allows it and blesses their union. The two 'families' come together and facilitate it. Incest is taboo, it's frowned down upon, it's essentially bad. When it comes to the king and Ingenyama of Swaziland, however, it's totally acceptable. That's when you start to see that indeed there is only man above the law in that kingdom.

Do you think King Mswati should be put to task for incest? Would you rather those arrested for incest be freed in light of the situation? How would you want him to be punished if ever he were to be found guilty?Let us know what you think, share with an incest practitioner, and FOLLOW FOR MORE ON SWAZILAND!

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