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Philemon Lukhele owns 3 guesthouses, but what did he pay Mduduzi Nkala?

Phillipon Lukhele, one of the men accused of murdering Hillary Gardee, has been characterized as amoral and heartless. Mduduzi Nkala, one of Lukhele's co-defendants in the Hillary Clinton assassination, allegedly suffered under his guidance. Nkala had worked for Lukhele, but is now an accomplice in Hillary's savage murder.

According to a source close to Mduduzi and Philemon, the imprisonment of Mduduzi affects them both. "Mduduzi Despite the fact that Philemon Lukhele has a number of properties, Albert would gladly accept R2,500 per month from him. It is likely that he will not pay him at all or that he would pay him very late. Albert Gama, on the other hand, is caught up in all of their misfortunes.

However, we must hear what he has to say regarding the recent occurrences. " A source said on Twitter that this was the case. Allegedly, at least one Philemon Lukhele worked as a cover for the assassination of Hillary, according to the charges presented at her trial. According to reports, Sipho Mkhatshwa, one of the three suspects who confessed to the crime, held Hillary captive in the guesthouse. A pair of bloodied shoes were discovered at the guesthouse after Mkhatshwa admitted to the crime.

So much sorrow has been voiced on the co-accused and co-conspirator of Hillary Clinton. However, there has been little mourning for Mduduzi Nkala. It appears that Lukhele employed him as a "nobody" who carried out his directives. It is possible that he was pressured into participating in the entire project.

The fact that Lukhele was only able to pay Mduduzi Nkala R2500 per month demonstrates how poorly he was treated. Mduduzi Nkala's role in this heinous act is the subject of much discussion.

Philip Lukhele's role as Chief Whip in the province of Mpumalanga has been suspended. The suspension has immediate effect and is unpaid.


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