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"DA and Freedom front is just a racist stance and they hate us " 10 Takeaway from Malema's Presser

The local government elections are over and done with and the people of South Africa have voted for their own parties and for the first time ever since the elections, Malema held a press release and addressed the Local government elections.

In his words here are some of the matters including calling the Democratic Alliance and Freedom Front a racist stance and that they hate ue for the land.

1. "MALEMA: DA and Freedom Front is just a racist stance. The Freedom Front says it can’t do coalition with EFF and the ANC – and then you don’t ask them ‘and then are you not doing coalitions with parties that are led by black people?’ because that is what they told you".

2. "MALEMA: The DA hates us for the land. Freedom Front hates us for the land – because they want White minorities to keep on holding on the land and we are saying ‘NO, we are not going to agree’.

3." MALEMA: If anything, you must credit the EFF because we are the only ones who tried to make the elections exciting. We ran a beautiful campaign, we ran an exciting campaign, we ran a clean campaign".

4. "MALEMA: Imagine if there was no EFF. It would have been worse. You must give it to us that we made people to know that there are elections coming.It is the EFF that told people ‘Elections are coming, wake up".

5. "MALEMA: We were born for this. We are still very young. At 40, we are shaking them proper. We are shaking well-resourced Mayors, Deputy Ministers, Councillors – all with resources".

6. "MALEMA: So please, we are very clear with what we are doing. Fighters and ground forces don’t be discouraged by media hyping non-existing parties. We are eating the elephant piece by piece and it looks like it is collapsing very fast".

7. "MALEMA: We are fine. We are doing very well, we are happy. We increased our councillors by the way – because it is not just about percentages, it is also about public representatives. We got more public representatives. You call such people losers? Who got more?".

8." MALEMA: Cyril is going to have to vote with us on the expropriation of land without compensation in parliament before we can talk about Metros. That is the first thing, we want our land back".

9. "MALEMA: We said, the conditions are such that we vote together in parliament to expropriate the land without compensation and make the state the custodian of the land".

10. "MALEMA: History is amending the constitution. We are amending the constitution using this election outcome to try and amend the constitution. That is historic. That is politics by the way".

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