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John Steenhuisen: Smaller parties does not have the numbers to take out the ANC and the EFF

The DA is holding its final national rally in Johannesburg and John Steenhuisen had a lot to say. The DA is certain this time that they are taking aways the municipalities that are under the ANC.

It is important for people to understand that the 1 of November is the day were they should choose change. The descion you make will have consequences for the next coming five years. John Steenhuisen also says that people should not vote for the smaller parties that only comes as we are about to vote and then disappear immediately after the elections. Forget about the small parties that don't have the numbers to represent you and the small parties don't have the numbers to take down the ANC and the EFF.

Jus because the ANC is the liberation movement does not mean that people are indebted to the party, and this is exactly what the ANC is using to trap the voters. They guilt trip the voters. The ANC is failing dismally. We have seen this with the stats that came out from national governments in August this year, saying that about 64 municipalities in this country are either delinguit or disfunctional. We can not continue to live like this. This is a total disgrace.

The ANC is basically failing because of Cadre deployment and this is according to John Steenhuisen. 90 percent ogmf these people don't have any skills for the kind of the jobs they are given. They are only there to fulfill the interest of their party. With The ANC, the people of South Africa comes second while in the DA the people comes first. This is one of the difference between the ANC and the DA. Cadres who are not doing their job in the DA are not recycled but are taken out unlike in the ANC.

One woman was interviewed and she said that she will vote for the DA because she is over the age of 35 and the DA does not discriminate when it comes to job opportunities. The ANC is only focusing on the youth from 18 to 35 and if you are over that age, there are high chances that you might not get a job.

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