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Immigration policy

OPINION| Politicians are allegedly using immigration issue to score some points

African Diaspora Global Network says politicians using immigration to score points which is true because these days in SA if you want to be voted just play the immigration card, you will hold easily a position the ANC have understood it in order to remain in power comes 2024 they should change their tone.Whether no job created, all SOEs broken down but just talk about foreigners in South Africa you will hold an office but in reality immigration is a world pandemic and no one can stop it, you can only regulate it to a certain extent good governance, job creation, respect of public fund, respect and inforcement of the law that what will make a country prosper but not running up and down after immigrantsIf your sense is common how can you give someone 12 years or more to stay in SA all of a sudden you declare them as illegal these people have been paying tax, contributing to uif which sometimes they never get and some are stuck with orphans who dont know where to go because they are depending on their lives here now that all their lives should be forced stop because of people who basicly do not careIt's funny how they talk about foreigners going back to their countries yes the vendors but not those big fish you won't find them in locations they will be hiding in places like Sandton, when you drive vendors away also make sure the government gives you money for start to order stuff to rent and stock, otherwise you will remain jobless after chasing those foreigners. Just wondering if the government will manage to deport millions foreigners, at the same time those who are crying and shouting foreigners must go still going to bed without food. I those who are tired of immigrants must pack and go elsewhere because immigrants are actually here to stay whether you like it or not, better get used to that fact as the issue needs to be addressed effectively politicians are using the problem to gain popularity by creating an impression that something is being done

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