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Foreigners Give SADAC 7 Days To Respond To Their Demands As They Want Protection In SA

South Africa is long gone and if South Africans want to get their country back, they have to do more than they are currently doing now because things are not looking too good on the ground. The foreigners have infiltrated every part of this country. Everywhere you go, every corner is people who speak a language that you don't even understand and they are so free. They do not fear anything and not even law enforcement officials.

We have seen just how foreigners manipulate the system in this country, but as much as we might blame them, the first blame should go to the very South Africans who sold this country just for a mere penny. They forget that it will be their great-grandchildren who will be suffering just because of how they sold this country. Politicians are at the heart of this as they have much power to solve this problem but they just choose otherwise.

It is now believed that truck and bus drivers have organized themselves and they marched to the Union Building as they are demanding to be protected in South Africa. They are now even putting a timeline for SADAC to respond to them, otherwise, all hell will break loose. They are saying that they will have to fight. All Africans except for South Africans will have to come together in South Africa and fight for South Africa's resources that are meant for South Africans. All this is happening in a country where there are people who call them leaders. This is just how much these people have freedom in this country and this is the freedom they will never have in their own country, as long as they keep on taking their problems and making them other people's problems.

According to this man on the video, his brothers from all over the African continent did not choose to be here in South Africa. It is their situation that forced them to be here. He says their leaders are failing them and they had to come here. The leaders are not doing their job. He is also saying that in Africa there is no Sassa grant but only here in South Africa and there are no hospitals there. When people need medication, they have to come to South Africa.

It is for this reason that mass deportation should happen fast because these people are also gaining momentum and they are also planning. As much as South Africans are out there trying to ensure that they are deported, they are also planning something. Now they are giving SADAC 7 days to respond.

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