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Expelled EFF Leader Opens Can Of Worms

Expelled Economic Freedom Fighters former Member of Parliament, Andile Mngxitama who is one of the founding members of the red berets has opened a can of worms on what happened after his expulsion.

Andile Mngxitama after his expulsion went on to form his own party, Black First Land First which is also a radical party fighting against White Monopoly Capital and the suppression of black people in a democratic South Africa.

The BLF leader accused the Economic Freedom Fighters of removing some of the key points which made part of the EFF manifesto when it was formed. Mngxitama said this was done after he and other comrades were expelled from the party.

The clause in question is the Sankara oath which Andile Mngxitama claimed was enshrined in the Economic Freedom Fighters manifesto, but was unfortunately scrapped after he and other founding members were expelled.

"So you don't know that we had inserted the Sankara Oath in the founding manifesto of EFF? They kicked us out and removed if from the document. Just an update," said Andile Mngxitama.


The Economic Freedom Fighters had adopted the Sankara oath in honour of the Burkina Faso president, Thomas Sankara who was applauded for his leadership which despised corruption, maladministration and greed.

EFF leaders had taken that stance in a bid to be an exemplary leadership in the continent just like Burkina Faso president Thomas Sankara. It now raises much eyebrows as to why the red berets scrapped the Sankara oath from their manifesto.

The Sankara oath was taken by leaders who were promising to serve the country uprightly.

Andile Mngxitama claims this oath was removed from the Economic Freedom Fighters manifesto after he and other founding members of the party were expelled.

While some EFF members would like to hurl insults at Andile Mngxitama for these revelations citing that he is still bitter after his expulsion from EFF, it however remains unclear why the Sankara oath was phased out specifically after the exit of some of the founding members.

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