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Opinion: He Bought This Cold-Drink From A Foreigner And Was Left In Shock After Spotting This


It's such a shame that even after trying to protect some foreigners from the wrath of Operation Dudula, it seems they are not ready to change and don't want to leave legitimatly in South Africa. Why sell fake products when you can sell the original ones and still make money. Or are they the only one that need money to sort out one or two things.

Foreigners who have business in South Africa do not buy goods from licensed suppliers; Instead, they produce their own fakes in their backyards. That's why their stuff is so cheap. Most of the items sold in foreign shops are fake. They make counterfeit goods to sell cheaply and steal customers from those who sell genuine goods at fair prices.

Many foreign firms are found selling counterfeit goods, some of which are harmful to health. People have been warned time and time again not to consume items purchased from foreign stores because they are not SABS certified if they are safe for human consumption.

Then another video went viral on social media, this time a man buying a cold drink from a foreign shop, only to find it contained something. There was something white that looked like a ribbon. He brings cold drinks back to the shop and asks for the money while filming the video to open this shop. They returned the money.

Many people said they had the same experience with foreign company goods after he shared this video. However, some criticized the man, claiming that he only needed to contact Coca-Cola because the overseas shopkeeper might not make cars because not everyone sells fakes.

We do not know what it is and what can cause human health. These people will kill us. In my opinion, people should avoid shopping in international stores because these people don't care about our health. They only care about making money. What do you think should be done to prevent foreigners from endangering our lives by selling counterfeit goods? Please leave a note below.


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