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Tito Mboweni: The ANC Will Win All the Metros

The ANC will and has to win all the metros and We Will win all of them, all cadres to the front ~ Tito Mboweni And then what happens after that? unemployment would be lower, I'm not sure this time, never seen ANC so insecure and threatened by other parties, why the dram thought. 1st November 2021 isgoing to be huge match against Anc going neck and neck with others, may the best team win. The only question I have for Tito is, what have you done as a member of ANC, there is a lot of promises that the ANC has not fulfil and they continue promising, that's embarrassing because they are always doing the opposite, according to him and his party yes the ANC will win because they have a good relationship with the IEC, and that means the elections won't be free and fair

The parties are in a race, others are just making noise we have to keep our cool, results after will show them who is the boss. We need the only party that doesn't have owners, that belongs to the people, that have a good Heritage, that will always care about poor

If you listen to Tito Mboweni and Gwede criticising Zuma on tweeter you may be tempted to think that Zuma attacked Ramaphosa the way they have been doing to Zuma. They have been constantly attacking him publicly, infact he once wrote a letter straight to Ramaphosa and it ended to members and to the media, the ANC leaders are beyond rehabilitation It was not attack but the truth. I think he is okay if he stay silent because his dirt is already in public, it's just that South Africans don't pay attention. For unknown reasons, Tito seems to overvalue himself too much luckily the youth league is dead and all these grandpas are having a party

Corrupt ANC leaders (rats) need to flock to this place for baptism. Who knows maybe they will repent from their evil acts. They continue to steal the future of our children and they are not even ashamed of themselves, just yesterday they sent some unemployed youth to campaign in my place, please

I never took this old man serious!before he was appointed as minister he once said his old and he dont want any deployment in the ministry, after few months he accepted the appointment

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