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Pictures Of Ramaphosa Before He Became a Billionaire And President — Check His Dressing

Some pictures of President Cyril Ramaphosa are circulating the internet and social media. These pictures show how president Cyril Ramaphosa looked, his disposition and his dressing before he became a billionaire. A South African lady who posted the pictures said, “these pictures speak a lot”. Many people said that they do not believe that president Cyril Ramaphosa became a billionaire without the input of the ANC and the government. A South African youth wrote on Twitter, “Herman Mashaba created a whooping number of jobs for South Africans when a Black Like Me was in thing(I salute him), Ramaphosa is a billionaire through taxpayer money, and I bet his won’t share with you how he accumulated those billions!”. The pictures show president Cyril Ramaphosa standing before his cows and another, attending a seminar. The pictures were posted on Twitter.

Many people said that they believe that the wealth of President Cyril Ramaphosa is connected with his flair for white people. Recall that South Africans, especially the black people, are always accusing president Cyril Ramaphosa of showing uncommon likeness for the white people. Some black people do call president Cyril Ramaphosa the Stellenbosch president. A South African Twitter user after observing the motorcade of President Cyril Ramaphosa said that something must be wrong somewhere. He said, “Just look at this prick, undeserving BEE billionaire @CyrilRamaphosa arriving in a multi-million Rand motorcade paid for by us. And these stupid faking people will still vote for these useless, thieving, incompetent people”. There are South Africans who believe that all ANC billionaires got their money from tenders and from government contracts. Similarly, President Cyril Ramaphosa is seen as one of them. Although many at times he denied being enriched by the state's money, not many people believe him.

President Cyril Ramaphosa was attacked also when it was reported that the ANC was broke and could not pay their workers for three consecutive months. They started attacking president Cyril Ramaphosa and Mr Patrice Motsepe, saying that they are billionaires for nothing. Some people said that they got rich through the help of ANC tenders, and now it's time to help the ANC back to its feet, but they could not. This prompted a lady to ask, “How did Cyril Ramaphosa acquire the billionaire status?

Which of his companies is at least valued at a Billion or half a Billion Rand?”. 

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