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Nelson Chamisa Survives Another Attempted Murder:Who Ordered The Hit ? See here


Politics is a very dirty game .People will do whatever they can to make sure they remove people who are causing problems for them.In a country where a dictator is a president this is done in broad daylight because the dictactor knows they will get away with it.

President of the main opposition party in Zimbabwe Nelson Chamisa has revealed that he survived an attempted murder attack .This is not the first time this is happening .They have tried to kill him for so many years but have failed to do so .

Chamisa is bringing hope to Zimbabweans and some people are scared that in the next coming elections he might win because of the support people show him.

Chamisa has accused Mngagagwa of being the one responsible for the attack of his car .Mnagagwa will do anything to remove his opponents. This is the man who orchestrated the coup of Mugabe,he is surely capable of anything.

If anything happens to Chamisa people will know Mngagagwa has something to do with it .Why does he want to elimnate his opponents. Is he scared if they play fair he might lose the election, thats the only reason why he will attempt to assassinate someone .

Mngagagwa must remember thats he wont be in power forever,look at Mugabe even his luck ran out .Noone can stop democracy, one way or the other it will happen and very soon Mnagagwa will realise it too.

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