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Cyril Ramaphosa Plans To Shock Competition This Elections

Cyril Ramaphosa plans to shock competition these elections

Date: 2021/09/26

Cyril Ramaphosa has begun campaigning for the African national congress for the upcoming government elections which will take place in November. It is going to be one of the most exciting elections to ever be witnessed by us.

Ramaphosa might do another lockdown just to break the spirit of the EFF which is planning to hold their manifesto in Gandhi Square, and they want to change it to Winnie Mandela Square as they believe the Indian guy was racist just as much as Jan Van Reebeck was back in the day when he was enslaved Africans.

The President of this country Cyril was running this like his house, it was lockdowns on top of lockdowns, he used the pandemic to do whatever he wanted with the people of this country and took out R350 as a bribe for all the pain he caused.

Covid is deadly yes but does not take away people’s freedom, let them do as they please because it is their life after all. Other people would easily say be pro-life with your like not other people's.

The Aftermath of these lockdowns was factories being burnt down, malls being looted, and more than 100 people dying as a result.

The are other things that he did well like revitalizing the countries economy through and giving us growth for the first time in 5 years, as when Zuma was president all the economists who seem to cannot eradicate poverty were saying that the country is going through a lot of disinvestments so that caused our economy to shrink faster than we can understand. It still looks like he is going to have another term, even though people do not like him they love the ANC so they will keep picking his face on the ballots. 


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