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Does The Former Ekurhuleni Mayor Know Something About The Tragic Death Of Chris Hani?

Chris Hani was assassinated on 10 April 1993 outside his home in Dawn Park. Back then, it was a racially mixed suburb of Boksburg. According to known information, he was murdered by a Polish far-right anti-communist immigrant named Janusz Waluś. He shot and killed him as he stepped out of his car. Waluś fled the scene but was soon arrested after Margareta Harmse. This is a white Afrikaner housewife who saw Walus straight after the crime as she was driving past, and called the police. A neighbor of Hani also witnessed the crime and later identified both Walus, and the vehicle he was driving at the time.

Clive Derby-Lewis, a senior South African Conservative Party MP and Shadow Minister for Economic Affairs at the time, who had lent Waluś his pistol, was also arrested for complicity in Hani's murder. The Conservative Party of South Africa had broken away from the ruling National Party out of opposition to the reforms of P. W. Botha. After the elections of 1989, it was the second-strongest party in the House of Assembly, after the National Party, and opposed FW de Klerk's dismantling of apartheid.

The Minister in the Presidency, Mondli Gungubele was in the spotlight this weekend after an old interview of him with a San ABC journalist was resurfaced on Social Media. It opened up old wounds and questions about the struggle's death. His controversial interview happened in January 2015, it was during his tenure as the Mayor of Ekurhuleni. The video made its rounds on social media on weekend, where Gungubele spoke about Hani's tragic death.

The Minister in the Presidency was the first person to arrive at the scene of the crime. He said these words in the interview that on the evening of 6 April 1993, he stayed with Hani at his Dawn Park. He said as if it was prophetic, he thank Hani for his consistency in timekeeping. Whenever telling people that Hani will be coming, he kept that promise. By doing that, Hani was enhancing their reputation and respect because people do not like people who don't keep their promises. Then Gungubele said even if he dies tomorrow, he would have left respected leaders.

He added that on 9 April 1993, Hani called him and informed him that his bodyguards were on a weekend out so he asked him to accompany him to town the next morning. However, Hani had already left by himself when Gungubele arrived. He said that around 10 am on 10 April 1993 Hani apologized for leaving him and said he was back from town where many people were greeting the Struggle icon. Gungubele added that Hani told him that his last movement would be going out with his daughter Nomakhwezi Hani and he would not go out after that. Later on, Hani was shot and killed outside his home In Dawn Park.

As a result of this video, social media users say the minister has a lot on his plate than anyone else who was close to Hani. Listening to his words, one can tell that he knew every movement Hani was going to take and that his bodyguards were not with him. In most cases, critical information is released by someone close to the victim. The way he knew he's whereabouts said a lot about the knowledge of a conspiracy to commit murder. Hani's case is similar to Senzo Meyiwa's case, people who have a lot of information are not arrested.

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