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Mmusi Maimane Must Leave Shimza Alone

Mmusi leave Shimi alone you have failed as Politician and you where fired too so who cares about your masters? And how many people have you employed and do you contribute in our GDP? So please leave youngstars alone go take on Juju and the rest please

But it was just a pointless argument the only time we will start winning and having a significant impact in the country’s economy as a black nation is when we start empowering each other. When we start complimenting and celebrating each others success, we are on our way to building a united and wealthy black nation. While we are still arguing about who has what and who doesn’t, why one is better than the other, I’m afraid we are still far from it. Wealth doesn’t need to be shown off or made noise about and any wealthy person knows that wealth speaks for itself. We need to out grow such tendencies because they make us look stupid. They both lost this one because they failed to see past their shortfalls and continued calling each other out like school boys, grow up man

Well in all what we are seeing is the high level of incompetence in the ANC, people who knows nothing about projects or they just in it gauging prices for kickbacks. Either way between Shimza and Mmusi there's no winner, they both did it different in as much as Mmusi have lot of academics to proud himself with he's nowhere comparable to Shimza, because Shimza can hire Mmusi, and Shimza is with an African woman something for an Acclaimed economist can learn, Mmusi lost with all the Masters and masters

These people are all grown ups but they act like school kids on social media platforms, sometimes we need to grow up and lead buy example

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