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OPINION| Thugs are stopping cars and searching them, the police are nowhere to be seen

Zimbabwe’s ruling party ZANUPF thugs carrying machetes have blocked and barricaded the road at Troutbeck turn off enroute to Nyanga, in their endeavor to stop Zimbabwe’s main opposition leader Nelson Chamisa from his meet the people tour of Zimbabwe’s Manicaland province, the thugs are stopping cars and searching them, the police are nowhere to be seen according to witnesses on the ground

Challenge Chamisa on the ballot (free and fair process) and see what happens. Why do you have to block him from exercising his freedom of movement and association? Besides, does the law prohibits opposition parties from campaigning or challenging the ruling party? That's so unfair, if Chamisa is nothing as alluded by Zanu Pf members then meet him in the ballot

My biggest question to those thugs is Chamisa not allowed to tour in his mother land why are they denying him to freely move around in Zimbabwe, as he's a Zimbabwean let them tell us if they don't want him in Zimbabwe he can go to diaspora, but people can still vote for whoever they want. Come to think of it why this its just happening only for the first time since 1980, only 2021 Mugabe never done this to anyone never at all. There is something hidden by ZANU in those areas, there is still more to come, MDCA must put for effort to pressure Zanu pf very soon they will commit other errorThese ZANU PF thugs have to sing for a meal from their masters, It's a shame that they have to be used this way to sing for their supper, God have mercy on these thugs. The party tolerating these thugs or grooming them should be banned, from politics by international laws. Devil has never worn any battle, Chamisa is soaked in the blood of Jesus Christ. I declare that they use the same amoung themselves children of Lucifer by the power of the holy ghost

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