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"We now see clearly who takes bribes on road blocks" Mzansi reacts after seeing this

The amount of corruption in the country has risen beyond doubt. This is because people are becoming more greedy such that they only think of themselves and not how their actions may affect others.

The police are amongst the top corrupt people, as they are well known for accepting bribes and letting criminals get away with their crimes untouched. a certain picture of the police standing on a road side got a lot of people talking.

In the picture there were around 6 visible policemen and amongst these there was one man who drew all the attention to himself. He was the biggest of them all as well as the fattest. This led people to assume that he was the one who was taking a lot of bribes as he seemed to be someone who eats too much food.

There was no evidence however that he was taking bribes from the public he could probably be genetically born to be like that or he could just be a food lover.

However some people were more concerned on whether he was qualified to be a police officer considering his size. a lot of police officers are required to be physically fit as their work might require them to run and chase criminals at some point.

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