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The tension between Fikile Mbalula and Carl Niehaus is damaging the ANC even further: Opinion

When it comes to Filike Mbalula, nothing can pass him by. During the time were political parties were negotiating coalition gorvenment, he was no where to be seen. Now he is back on social media and it really shows.

Fikile Mabula and Carl Nihause are at each other's throats and one does not understand that how come such leaders be fighting on social media. The ANC is currently a sinking ship and it does not help having ANC leaders taking their squabbles on Twitter. There is no one who would want to be associated with such people.

Fikile Mbalula is calling Carl's Niehaus by all sorts of names. When they say that your past will always haunt you, this is a true definition of it. Every now and again Carl Niehaus is being reminds about how he once faked his mother's deaths so that he can cash up on some insurance. The clash between Carl Niehaus and Fikile Mbalula has been going on for some time and it is about time that they just meet face to face and sort it out. This is not good for the ANC and it is also toxic for the public as well.

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