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Prophet Mboro Sent a warning message to President Ramaphosa & all His Cabinet members.


Mboro is frantically transmitting a painful message, which he states as follows: 

"Scientists have predicted that a third wave will hit around October, killing thousands of people. As a result, the ICE must postpone the elections until February, when conditions will be better. Covered legal team and Minister Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma pushed for it, but elections were held, and Corona, variances, and the third wave were postponed to December 4th." Mboro expressed his thoughts. 

He went on to say that if people were looting, destroying buildings, and they weren't wearing masks by the thousands, Covid wouldn't be roused. Thousands of people, including politicians, gathered in large numbers during elections, and Covid did not spread, and no one was jailed among politicians. 

Mboro clarified the subject of virus transmission and regulations violations. He claims that churches have been persecuted as a result of all of this, and that we are now experiencing storms, extreme cold, and headaches, as well as Egypt's closure. 

According to Mboro, we all require God's intervention. 

How many variations will there be, and how many vaccines will we receive at the end of the day, he wonders? They are busy, he claims, making these variations, and they know their names, residences, and when they will and will not arrive. 

"We need to pray that people get up now because we can't afford another lockdown," Mboro said. 

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Mboro Ramaphosa


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