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Finally! David Mabuza Breaks his Silence About Getting Vaccinated and Makes South Africans Angry

Date: 03/03/21


The country is now closing in on a full month after the vaccinations officially started. Although these vaccinations started a bit late due to the big mistake with the first batch from India, the country is well on its way to reaching 100 000 vaccinations.

That in itself will be a great milestone as it will show how far the country has come in this fight against the virus and will project how long it will take to reach population immunity. That is when the country is vaccinated enough to be safe from the virus.

The country's deputy president surprised the nation when he finally revealed when he will get vaccinated on Tuesday the 2nd of March. It was during a speech he was delivering, and the answer really rubbed a lot of South Africans the wrong way.

The first two people in the parliament to get vaccinated were President Cyril Ramaphosa and Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize. These two people were working hand in hand with David Mabuza in securing the vaccines but he didn't get vaccinated and people asked why. Now he has revealed the answer of when he will do it and people are not happy.

According to an article by News24 that is dated 2 March 2021, the deputy president said he will only vaccinate when he gets an opportunity. He even made explained to the country that he has been too busy making sure that the storage and transporting of these vaccines were done accordingly to be able to go get vaccinated. He made a solid promise and said:

" I will be vaccinated. I will visit a site where they are vaccinating and I will vaccinate there"

This is part of the answer he gave to South Africans and they were instantly outraged by such an answer. They feel as if the deputy president is taking them for fools by not being specific with his words. The vaccination process takes only a few minutes to do, he cannot say that he is waiting for an opportunity for him to vaccinate while he can make the opportunity himself. Most South Africans believe that he is continuously dodging the vaccination for reasons he only knows.

This is one of the first times where the deputy president of South Africa talked about the issue of him getting vaccinated. The President and the Health minister both showed the willingness to vaccinate before the first batch of vaccines even arrived in South Africa.

David Mabuza never took the time to do that and people started to be curious then. It seemed like he did not want to get vaccinated. When both the President and the health minister vaccinated before him, it was confirmation to other South Africans that he did indeed not want to vaccinate.

Now he has broken his silence and admitted that he will get vaccinated. It is only a matter of time until we see how much of these words that he has said are true. It seems that the country doesn't have much trust in him.

What is your take on the matter? Do you think David Mabuza will ever get vaccinated or he is dodging the needle?

Leave a comment below and please follow me for more insightful news reporting.

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