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Journalist leaks Scary details about Zuma's parole

A few months back, most South Africans were very happy when the news broke out that former President Jacob Zuma had been granted the medical Parole due to the negative effects that the environment had on his health.


But it seems that there was a foul play that happened, that the public did not know about. In the beginning we were under the impression that former President was going to pay for his wrong doings. but it seems that the plot was concocted by the people who were acting like they were trying to make him pay[the ANC], but they were just fooling everyone.


According to our source, this approach was used to acquit Shabir Shaik...who was reported to have been on his death bed, but was later strolling around like he was never sick before:

"i Have an inside source that told us Former President Zuma was never sick, and that he was as fit as a horse. The Anc has duped us and we fell right in, it was the same Shabir Shaik trick" said the Source.


He closed off by saying that this is another sterling example of why the ANC is not supposed to stay in power for much longer, as they are getting comfortable and soon enough they might start bending the constitution altogether.

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