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Cyril Given 7 days to Resign or this will happen

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The position of the presidency of the whole country is elected after each and every 5 years in the Republic of South Africa. After 5 years all the political parties goes to the polls , depending on the number of seats they get as a polo party . From the a president of the country goes and get elected in the Parliament of the country.

One thing will never change is the fact that political parties always forward candidates of their Choice in most instances and they ensure that they support the candidates United as the political party. That on its own becomes very important for that political party as no divisions which are entertained at the end , Such things cannot be ignored

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MR Cyril Ramaphosa has been a president of the country for a while in the meantime, he can now be judged on the things he Achieved and the things he is still planning to do in the meantime. It’s very much important for the citizens to always ensure that many of the things currently checked are considered by the President of the country.

I think there is currently no tangible thing we can show of which he has Achieved during the past days of the things he Achieved as the president of the country. It’s very much important to ensure that all the citizens of the country label him for not achieving anything during his tenure , Such is very much important thing to achieve from time to time.

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The South African Youth Group has outlined most of the things which qualifies the current president Cyril Ramaphosa not to qualify as the president as the president of the country anymore. It becomes a very much important issue to note in the meantime from all the things which are currently standing. He must be supported by all means necessary , only if he is doing something.

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There haven’t been a rest in the whole country as things stands in the meantime. It’s a clear issue that all the things we are currently witnessing across the country of the unrest can continue happening of the current president of the country doesn’t give himself a time to Atleast resign as the president of the country. We don’t want to witness such

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