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Gayton McKenzie Has Impressed Mzansi Again - See What He did Today

Mc Kenzie has done wonders again 'Sun 1 Hotel owes 500 thousand rand, we just cut their electricity, no fear no favour.' This man is clearly the kind of political leader that we need in this country as it is clear that he does not do any favours or fear no one but do what is right for the country. Everyone obviously has their own weaknesses but it is very great to see someone who has the country's best interest in their heart unlike others who do not even try to do something for the people.

Many people are happy that he did this because it is quite clear that the owners of this hotel are very greedy. They owned by the sun international group. They can afford to pay their bills from all the money from the "gambling" dens where hard earned money is lost by the people wishing on a dream. It's time the super rich also pay their dues and not hide behind paperworkork.

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