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Hellen Zille Shames The ANC. Claims The DA (At Its Worst) Is Better Than ANC (At Its Best)

The former leader of the Democratic Alliance, Hellen Zille has dropped an alarming bombshell regarding the ANC in comparison to her political party. Zille took it to Twitter to publicly shame the ANC regarding their failure in running the local municipalities that are currently under their leadership. 

“The blue (at its worst) is far better than the yellow (at its best)” Zille practically claimed the DA at its worst is capable of doing a better job compared to the ANC at its best.

Hellen Zille was reacting to the tweet by Thomas Zwide who sarcastically urged the people of South Africa to keep voting for political parties that defraud the people of South Africa. Namely: The EFF and ANC (According to Thomas Zwide). “Keep voting for parties that steal money. (eff and in case you haven’t noticed) This time round I am looking at the track record,” @Thomas Zwide said.

Zille saw it fit to make it very clear that EFF is not in the conversations when coming to corruption that exists within local municipalities because the only two parties that govern local municipalities are the DA and ANC. She furthered to indirectly insinuated the DA is not stealing any money because the top five municipalities are under the DA and this only leaves us with the ANC.

“There are only two parties that govern local authorities at present: the blue and the yellow. Although the blue party only governs 10% of all municipalities, the top 5 have a blue government,” Zille said.

Zille’s claims about the ANC concerning her party kind of checks in, the top five municipalities in South Africa are indeed under the DA while some of the worst are under the ANC, it can even be suggested that one of the core values of the municipalities under the ANC is corruption.

Just about a week ago, the Enoch Mgijima municipality based in the Eastern Cape was in the spotlight for allegedly misusing funds that amounted to approximately R22 million. Another perfect example of the ANC' failure has to be the abandoned Giyani Stadium which is now known as the home of criminals around the area.

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