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As Nhlanhla Lux meets with Home Affairs and SAPS, he declares war on undocumented migrants.

There are individuals in South Africa who engage in heinous criminal acts, and the citizens of the country are concerned. It has been documented in various instances that foreign nationals have brought in high-caliber firearms to South Africa in order to protect themselves from anyone who might want them removed. 

For the simple reason that they're here to stay, and they're being so vehement about it that it scares off many locals, as if they're fleeing their war-torn countries, which are both stable and economically decimated. 

Running into South Africa, but when they arrive here they think that South Africa is also their country, and they can do as they please. As a result of their long history of conducting criminal acts while escaping punishment, they now believe that they will always be able to do so. 

While there are many South Africans working hard to ensure that the country's constitution and laws are upheld, there also appear to be those who are actively working to undermine such efforts. 

Numerous commentators now claim that those who fled their home nations because they were unable to fight are the same ones who now choose to attack the citizens of their new countries while residing illegally and committing criminal acts. 

We have folks like these that have produced a big problem and angered many people in a variety of ways, which is the tragic side of this whole thing.


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