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Now it is time for DA to show the ANC that a different political party can do what they claim


Now it’s time to show the country that a different political party can do what they claim, and keep your representatives on the streets out in their communities listening to what people need and addressing community issues. This thing of only being visible at election times needs to stop. This statement actually applies to all political parties. Make elected officials more accessible and accountable to the people who put them into their positions. Until such time as that happens we will not see meaningful change in South Africa Being a black voter in South Africa is tough because you vote for ANC you vote for suffering and misery. You cross the floor and hope things will change and you vote for EFF or Action SA and your vote is handed over to your former colonizers, people then wonder why many voters simply choose not to vote. John please don't talk too much just do the job this is not about ANC. Service delivery is paramount, should you take the eye off the ball watchout We know how DA treats black leaders poor Dr Mpho is going to be used as a trojan horse into Joburg. I dare you to commit to seing her finish her term it wont happen because Godzille will outst her. As soon as she thinks independently and does not follow commands they will immediately get rid of her. Just like you did to Phumzile Van Damme, Maimane, Mashaba, Lindiwe Mazibuko and many not so famous black leaderd in the DA. If only It was DA commitment to take Johannesburg, he might have been proud. But they were willing to walk away and the smaller parties ensured ANC was unseated. Now DA rule Jhb with minority, no coalition and no agreements. Basically they are at the mercy of those (and Helen made sure the list is very long) they insulted, belittled and ridiculed the past week. Good luck arrogance have a way of bitting you

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