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Adv Dali Mpofu| The Pass Rate Should be Increased to 50% to Avoid Arguing With Illiterates

The fact that people think the EFF is not doing well clearly shows that this country need to employ more maths teachers, and the pass mark should be increased to 50% otherwise we will keep arguing with illiterates ~ Adv Dali Mpofu

I think EFF can do better if they can use matured candidates, currently your most of your candidates are very young and not promising, how can I trust a 20 year old to be my leader? I've been following the proceedings for a while now what I've discovered is that, all the South African parties are very scared of the EFF. Their focus is how the EFF is doing instead of focusing on their own considering that voters did not show up this time around, how do they expect growth when all the parties have declined in terms of voters

EFF has done exceptionally well should it not be this thing that if one once registered then his/vote will automatically falling as a vote to a ruling party, with the little (more over oppositional expectations)it was an outright well deserved win for the elections in actual facts, taking the number of those who did register and did not vote plus the spoiled ballots, which some big if not all were also registered voters and potential EFF voters. Welldone guys your plans and strength on believing in it is getting the message clear to those who can take the maths subject as a house hold

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Dali Mpofu| EFF South African


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