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Sakina Kamwendo is a tough journalist: See what she did to Nicole Fritz of Helen Suzman Foundation

When it comes to journalism in our nation, many people have complained for a long time that they appear to be caught because of the way they approach their questions and the topics they choose to report on. Only when it's convenient for them do they select the news they think is newsworthy as it's being reported. Because it doesn't fit in with their story, certain key facts are left out.

There are exceptions to this rule, of course. We've observed one SABC reporter that consistently upholds his or her code of ethics and reports the news without prejudice for many South Africans.

She's done it before with President Ramaphosa, and she's done it again with Nicole Fritz, the director of the Helen Suzman Foundation. A lot of people have expressed their displeasure since the CSA issued a recommendation to the president on who should be the Chief Justice and some are starting to claim that the interview procedure was just a waste and they say it on a regular basis. Sakina Kamwedo, on the other hand, posed inquiries to which Nicole Fritz was unable to provide adequate answers. One could tell that she had no idea what she was talking about, and that she was simply interested in making sure that Ramaphosa picked the Chief Justice of his choosing and ignored the CSA's advice.

They now claim that South Africa would never advance because of the individuals they need to hear from. People in South Africa's impoverished and oppressed communities would not benefit from such an organization, which is built to serve a select few. It's long past time that South Africans be made aware of these groups, which are continually promoting their white agenda. All they've been doing is criticizing the south African government.

Content created and supplied by: whitemoney2022. (via Opera News )

Content created and supplied by: Whitemoney2022 (via Opera News )

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