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Top ANC leader Continues to Get Extra "Benefits" After Stepping Aside Due to Criminal Charges

Date: 29/09/21



There have been many leaders in the African National Congress who were affected by the step aside resolution when it came into effect. This meant that they had to leave their positions in the party to deal with their criminal charges. They would only come back to them after they were found innocent for what they were charged for.

We have seen people like Ace Magashule being victims of this rule but many others were a part of it and to people's surprise, they continue to get benefits even after they stepped aside.


It is said that the mayor of Mpumalanga Thembi Masilela, who has been accused of fraud and many other charges still gets her salary and even extra benefits until this day. The reports state that she still has access to a car allowance and bodyguards wherever she goes. This is someone who is potentially a criminal but the ANC still gives them all these benefits.


It is obvious that the party doesn't take the public seriously. How can a person who has misused so much money illegally so still get the chance to enjoy benefits? It should be that they are stripped out of everything they have once they are charged. It looks like the African national congress still takes care of its members, even the corrupt ones on a day to day basis.

It makes no sense why the person still needs bodyguards. It can be remembered that if they are to leave their job all of these things will be taken away from them but in this instance, that has not happened at all. The public is just being taken for a ride.

What is your take on the matter? Do you think it's fair that the mayor still gets her benefits?

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