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High profile politician 'exposes' nasty results of Johnson and Johnson jab

. The leader of the opposition political party, ACDP, has caused a stir many times because he doesn't believe in the vaccine. When Kenneth Meshoe, who is a very religious person, talks about a vaccine, he says that it is the devil's way of killing people. If you want to know why Meshoe doesn't want to be vaccinated against Covid-19, it's because his family doesn't believe in getting vaccines. "My father didn't even believe in the flu vaccine when I was a child," he said. 

On Monday night, Meshoe told a terrible story about how a jab from Johnson and Johnson caused a tumor on someone he knows. It looks like the Reverend took a picture of a paramedic at work. According to him, the person got a vaccine from Johnson and Johnson on March 10, 21. The paramedic then had to have surgery to remove a tumor from his face the next week. He had breathing problems and needed a tracheostomy on the 11th of July, 21. Now, he is in pain every day. 

A lot of South Africans asked Meshoe about his report. "Respectfully, Reverend, I respect you and will always do so, and I will always do so. But this is a load of shit. If you look at all of the medical trials, reports, and journals, do any of them talk about this complication? There has never been a time in history where you could sue the government "One of his Twitter friends told him that, 

Many people in the country have decided not to get vaccinated because they don't like the way the vaccine works. The only thing I don't like about him is the way he tries to confuse people by making claims without proof. It's not good for Meshoe to say things like this in front of other people because he is a public figure. In this case, you should not do this. It was my message to him: Rev, I think you should let the scientists and the doctors do their jobs. You focus on church-related things because you aren't qualified to talk to anyone about this issue. People are tired of your kind of "fly by night" health advisers who only learned how to do their job through Google. 

Image: It's the paramedic Meshoe says had a tumor after getting a shot from Johnson & Johnson. This is the picture.


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