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Opinion: Here is why Jackson Mthembu is not resting in Peace

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If there is a death which touched many of the South African main stream politics this year. It is the death of former minister in the presidency, Jackson Mthembu. He is one of the South African politicians to Succumb to Covid-19. It was a sad death indeed , and also so many people struggled to copy with his death.

After his sad death, Minister in the presidency was replaced from his position in Parliament and as a minister in the presidency. It was very much important to him to be replaced by someone who can work far more better than him, but it’s like things are not going his way in the meantime.

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The current things which are currently happening in the country proves very well the things which are still to happen throughout the country. Knowing who Jackson Mthembu was and checking the things which are happening in the ministry he was previously occupying, many people are starting to miss him in the meantime.

Some believes that we just have a problem as the country of undermining women as the person currently occupying the position he previously held was a woman. But irregardless of the gender , it’s very much important to note that if a person is not working, the person is not working and there is nothing which can change that at all.

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After his death, even his daughters were witnessed doing very well in their lives. It’s such a sad thing in his life as he passed on without first witnessing the love which his daughters had on him and his strong spirit to always fight to make it in this life. It is a very complicated issue during this point and time.

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The African National Congress will continue to miss comrades like him who always stands form for the organization at all material times. He was one of those leaders of the African National Congress who always stands by the principle at all material times. It’s a very much important issue.

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