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OPINION| I doubt if ANC MPs can collapse the ANC because of Malema

I was cautiously impressed by Julius Malema when he emphasized the question of making political decisions based on one's conscience as opposed to party political lines and instructions. This he said when motivating why a motion of no confidence should be undertaken against a sitting President, Cyril Ramaphosa. History, however tells us a different story it tells us that this noble principle is and becomes noble only when party or individual interests are concerned. The veneer under which this is said and to be done is so thin that you can clearly see through it, one just has to look at how the various political parties operate doing anything based on conscience in many political parties in this country is at best, illegal and almost bannedTo me, the entire project about the the impeachment of the State President has more to do with party political and personal interests than holding the executive to account for some parties and individuals, although the arguments may, in many ways have a semblance of merit, sometimes, good cases are killed by expediency. For me the argument of ensuring that the case be brought to the courts as expeditiously as possible makes more sense, this because both the Public Protector and the law enforcement agencies are handling the same matter. We should not unintentionally compromise the evidencial material, just because of political expediency had the matter not be in the hands of both institutions, then by all means, I would support the opposition parties seeking to hold the President to account

DISCLAIMER: I hold no brief for the State President to the contrary, I am opposed to the manner in which he manages this country in many ways and my opinion of this is public knowledge, I am probably one of his most vicious critics

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