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Malema makes a statement about TRUST between Black & white people in an interview.

Durban — EFF leader Julius Malema was in his element this week on the popular Podcast and Chill with MacG, as he did not draw any punches while discussing his thoughts on the country, his political future, and other relevant political concerns of the day. Malema was in his element.

In the interview in which he revealed everything, the leader of the Red Berets discussed a wide range of topics pertaining to South Africa, including President Cyril Ramaphosa and the manner in which the Black Economic Empowerment program of the government had been used as a shield of protection by white people who were afraid of the Jacob Zuma regime.See the source image

Macgyver "MacG" Mukwevho, the podcast's host and founder, and Sol Phenduka, his co-host, decided to head to the Winnie Madikizela Mandela House headquarters in Braamfontein, which is located in Braamfontein, for the 371st episode of the popular podcast, which is the largest in South Africa boasting around 682 000 subscribers. Most guests of the popular podcast, which is the biggest in South Africa boasting around 682

Throughout the one hour and 45 minute long conversation, Malema's capacity to shoot from the hip was clear, despite the fact that he gave the impression of being calm and serene. This is in contrast to his regular media briefings, in which he is frequently passionate and stern.

Malema stated that white people needed black protection in the form of Black Economic Empowerment because they were terrified under the administration of former President Jacob Zuma, and that Zuma's policies had contributed to this fear.See the source image

"If there were BEE partners in any of the agreements that were going in Eskom, for example, all of those BEE folks have been gone everywhere. This is one of my main gripes about Cyril (Ramaphosa). Why? We don't require any protection because we've got our man (Ramaphosa), but they still don't vote for him because they don't trust him because white people don't trust black people. " The District Attorney's office is located in that part of Sandhurst, where he lives. Why don't white people in Sandhurst, where Cyril stays because they love him, vote for the African National Congress if they have such strong feelings about him and support him?

Malema remarked, "But this Cyril is nothing," and went on to suggest that white people had not even voted for the late Nelson Mandela, who was the country's first democratically elected president in 1994. Malema's statement was followed by the phrase, "This Cyril is nothing."See the source image

"There were two elections that were held in 1994, and the answer is that the people living in the area where Mandela resided did not vote for the ANC in either of those elections. And then there were the transitional local council elections that took place in 1997. Mandela gained more than 200 new members for the ANC by going door to door in the Houghton neighborhood and recruiting residents there.

"When the results came in, he earned less than 50 because that is the level of pretentiousness that is typical of white people. They were responsible for what happened to Madiba; they never voted for him. But if they want to hypnotize you, they quote Madiba as if they liked him and say things like, "Madiba said." If they had such affection for him, why didn't they cast their ballots in his favor? Malema asked.

EFF leader Julius Malema tells MacG that white people don’t trust black people, not even Cyril Ramaphosa (

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