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“People only Hate Ramaphosa On Social Media” - Mzanzi React After Ramaphosa Was Spotted Doing This


When you are a leader, you automatically become a celebrity. People rejoice and want to take pictures with you whenever they see you. Although they can badmouth you behind your back, when they see you they feel happy and even take pictures. That is why they say a leader or celebrity has no private life because people will take you photos and post everything you do. Some will even just watch you closely, waiting for you to do bad things so that they can expose you.




When we talk about President Ramaphosa, many people have shown their dissatisfaction with his leadership so many times on social media

. People always complain that his government is failing and he is a very bad leader, especially on Twitter. You can’t barely go an hour without seeing someone’s tweet complaining or badmouthing President Ramaphosa.



Surprisingly, the very same people who badmouth him on social media become very happy when they see Ramaphosa face to face. There is a young man who has turned into a laughing stock because he was always saying bad things about Ramaphosa, but a few days ago he met him in the streets and asked to take pictures with him. In the pictures, you can see that this guy is so happy and proud that he finally got to meet the president. See the photos below:



It seems like Ramaphosa was just walking around the streets early in the morning on this day because many people posted that they saw him taking a walk. Another white lady also took pictures with him and posted them on social media. After the photos were posted, many people were very surprised that it seems like the same people who criticise Ramaphosa on social media become very happy when they see him. See what people were saying in the comments below:


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Mzanzi Ramaphosa


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