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OPINION : The Ruling Party Is Still The Only One We Know.

Since we approaching November 1, we see all the organizations coming in and out of people's homes. I say to you, Mr Nongalo, what you are doing, the management and members of the organizational structures, is good and commendable. May we see you again after this election.

It is gratifying to see even small, fledgling political parties contesting elections, which clearly shows that the ANC is a good example. After all, we see good things in the elders. What you are doing is good. A good thing is recommended. But not by criticizing the boyfriend for the girl. If you're a young man and you're dating, you might be tempted to start a conversation about what's going on in your life. Now what do you do, and what animal is it called?

The ruling party is still the only one we know that gives back to the people. With the ANC building houses for people, clean drinking water, electricity, free education, what else do you want? Even for us when all else has arrived but we see more. It does not appear at the same time as the donkey's ears. You are confused when it comes to local government elections because you are becoming blind.

Yes, I agree we will be voting for local government elections, no matter how small the budgets of our councils will adequately satisfy the wards we are in with the Qedindlala program, but a piece of bread is much better.

To all those who have registered and will be voting for the first time, I say good luck to you because you grew up with your parents paying for a child support grant, free education and free meals at public schools. Some of you are now earning a living, which is unknown in history. All of the above is always due to the national party, the ANC, which is being targeted today.

In conclusion, readers of the leading newspaper I say on November 1, let's go and vote for the historic ANC. That would be no different from taking a ticket to enter Canaan, the land of milk and honey.

I too was just cutting a curve on the comment site. It would be great for those who do not agree with my view but I say that you are better acquainted with Satan than the God you do not know.

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