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Opinion - ANC and opposition parties distroyed the B route done by white people.

20 May 2022.

Who will take South Africa from B to C because white people took it from A to B ANC and opposition parties distroyed the B route done by white people.

Who will transform South Africa when the people who were expected to transform it only self enriched themselves and their friends and family and their followers praise them for doing that corruption. How cursed are Black people of South Africa. You oppressed during apartheid same in freedom democracy government time of your tribe and color. White people brought cars and trains that used water later brought cars and trains that used petrol and diesel that was transformation or development which means this people knows what they are doing in government and mean business when it comes to serving the people. We expected Black people's government to come with more Improvement maybe cars that will use 🌞 sun or electricity or wind to prove that they are the transformers or developers too. Yet nothing they brought as development or transformation it became worse when even the opposition parties add more distraction in paliament that became house of fools for all life time of the ANC being in government. The responsibility is still vacant. Who will bring transformation or development in South Africa. Your Julius Malema brought undermining and disobedience in paliament together with disorder saying those moves will bring transformation or development. Your ANC leaders from Zuma time to president Matamela Ramaphosa dance for Julius Malema vandalized paliament government up to today and people of South Africa particularly Black people believe that the Julius Malema vandalizing paliament will bring them transformation or development. Insult me undermine me but these results are clear to everyone that who is a fool in South Africa.

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