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"ANC Is Begging Land Thieves To Donate Land To Blacks" Andile Mngxitama Fumes

Black First Land First leader, Andile Mngxitama, and ANC comrade Andile Lungisa have come out strongly condemning the African National Congress after it emerged that they are begging white people to donate some of the land to blacks.

Mngxitama said this is disgraceful from the ruling ANC to be begging land from the minority groups. He said this shows how deeply ANC is still maintaining that slave and master sentiment many years after South Africa gained it's freedom.

"The ANC is a disgrace. Now they are talking about a policy of land donations. They are begging land thieves to donate some land to blacks. What a bunch of slaves," said Mngxitama.


Mngxitama also argued that it is white monopoly at the helm of the destruction of South Africa's institutions. He claim that those who are buying cables being stolen allegedly by Zimbabweans are usually companies linked to white monopoly capital.

"White Monopoly Capital is responsible for the infrastructure destruction in South Africa. Who buys the cables and steel? The illegal Zimbo is a small boy. Lets dudula the real culprits," he said.

ANC comrade, and former Nelson Mandela Bay Councillor, Andile Lungisa also condemned ANC for its failure to expropriate land for redistribution to the black majority.

He said black people will now have to wait for white people to donate land to them in their own motherland.

"Africans in their own land of birth they are told to wait for white farmers to donate land. We are at our own as natives," he said.


Some members assert that the next generation will call the current ANC leadership sell outs, just as people have been calling the generation of Nelson Mandela sellouts if they do not radically take back land.

"Our people have died for the liberation of this country now they must die again in the name of African unity? History cannot repeat itself we have suffered enough," some said.

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