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Zimbabwe is the only country in the world where whites know that they are foreigners. See COMMENTS

White folks everywhere else are the only ones who don't realize they're not from Zimbabwe. There are no foreigners residing in Zimbabwe. Someone who wants to take use of Zimboz's historical privileges is the lone non-native speaker in the entire country. The same logic applies to bad-behaving Chinese as it does to bad-behaving whites. The United States is concerned about Zimbabwe because it may serve as an alarm to other countries.

To the contrary, whites in Zimbabwe are always modest and respectful of others. I encountered several conceited white folks in South Africa and Namibia. Truth be told, Zimbabwe would be better off if white people had been allowed to stay. This makes no sense, but Zimbos are already climbing fences to join their previous employers in South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia.

The white population in Zimbabwe should have been preserved. Zimbos are now known to be hopping fences to join their previous employers in South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia. That is illogical and untrue. If you want to see if individuals start crossing the borders, lift the economic restrictions that have been placed on the country.

There was no ambiguity for the Zimbabwean operative Dudula: if your skin isn't like mine, you don't belong here. In reality, the vast majority of African nations look like this. Only South Africa stands out from the rest of the pack.

If you travel around a lot, South Africa will start to look increasingly foreign to you. Swahili has replaced German as the official language of Tanzania, notwithstanding the former colonial power of Germany. No other language can claim official status.

We don't make them feel like foreigners at all. Racism has no place in our society since they are people just like us. If you want to be racially insensitive, you'll have to go across the Limpopo. And, what does that imply for Zimbabwe? To work for foreigners, many Zimbabweans are migrating to South Africa.

Since they are typically Zimbabweans, we don't have to regard them as aliens. In this community, racism has no place. Adopt a stance of your own. Zimbabwe is a country with a diverse population. White men make up the entirety of Zimbabwe's cricket team.

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