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When You Thought Things Couldn’t Get Worse In Zimbabwe, You Are Surprised Once Again

When you thought things couldn’t get worse in Zimbabwe, you are surprised once again. Members of the public are completely shocked about the activities that are happening in Zimbabwe, we are very much aware about the hyperinflation and the problems that it has brought on to the people of that country.

What makes things worse is the fact that their politicians are also looking out for their own good with no interest whatsoever in fixing the country, and ensuring that people are living the lives which are suitable to them.

A lot of people in Africa are living as if the whole world is still in the 1900s, but most people have moved on very quickly and are further in life than they can realise which is disappointing to many people.

As someone who grew up in Harare in the 80s, this is shocking and depressing. And it is not only Zimbabwe, which is going through this even South Africa is moving forward but as if they're moving backwards as well.

Especially with this load shadding that has revealed more problems than it has solved because we find incidences where people are losing their jobs, companies as well as businesses are closing down because of the impact that covid-19 has brought onto their businesses.

Take for instance the laundrymat, it is a very sensible business if things are going well such as constant electricity supply but without that things are definitely sure to go haywire.

This is dangerous not only to these guys, but to motorists driving around this Kombi. But people have to put themselves in such situations in order to get to their homes, as well as to their workplaces because other than that they won't be able to feed their families.

Which is even more sad and that is why we have huge numbers of people migrating out of Zimbabwe into other countries, despite the fact that some are not even welcome you can tell them they really have no choice in most of these cases.

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