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Attacks with shops being burned in Durban central.

Groups of people have gathered with the motive of burning people shop in Durban and it is unclear why they are doing such, these attacks are Condemned by law enforcement and political officials, because they tend to cause more and needed damage to society and the economy because the more they do them the more investors see that there is no potential of investing in the country and then run to invest in another.

They said it has caused a stir on social media with many people are asking themselves why they gathered and started destroying people's shops, this is not the first time they have done it and it seems like law enforcement and not doing anything about it these people are probably complaining about not having jobs.

But they did not start shops when shops were needed so how come they now come and complain about not having shop or there being favoritism, they should have started the shelves when there were no shops the begin with.

This has caused a problem that many industries in South Africa because they don't realise that the food prices will increase when they keep doing this because the cost of business get higher when people are destroying other people's shops, causing them to close shop early and open late for fear that some groups will gather in the morning and then burn their shops.

What my South African citizens and not worry about other potential consequences that may be for them when they do strikes and such actions which are against the law, the Shepherd told what happens as a result of people burning shops they were not being the ones having to pay for them when the prices of goods are increased.

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