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OPINION - Zimbabwean, What Can you Say About This Bridge?

Karanda bridge is an example of LOOTING. Media reports in 2019 said that $5.1 million was allocated to the bridge by Mnangagwa’s regime. Due to unimaginable incompetence, the bridge was swept away in 2019More money was allocated to the project, then we ended up with what the President opened yesterday which is on the right (bottom) picture. This is Grand INCOMPETENCE, but more importantly and disappointingly, we end up with Corruption rearing its ugly head again

Sadly the media won’t follow this up, If you see a president majoring in minors and believing that he is doing a sterling job then it means that country is doomed

Can a narrow bridge on a dust road in a remote area, surely deserve commissioning by a whole head of state ? Does such an event even require national attention like what state media is doing?

Surely Zimbabwe deserves something better than this kind of mediocrity. I am not criticising construction of bridges in remote areas no, what is worrying me including many others is the way this clueless government and its captured media, desperately try to elevate such minor projects as great works of national significance

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