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People Are Left In Stitches As Chinese Man Runs For Presidency In Lesotho

Anyone has a right to express his leadership skills in this world. For as long as that someone is a citizen of a country, he has the right. If parents migrate to another country and have children there; the children are taken as citizens of the country. Therefore no matter they are of African origin or Asian origin they have rights to become what the want.

Many people are still surprised how come the Chinese man is running for elections. But according to sources the Chinese man was born and bred in Lesotho which made it right for him to choose political career in the country land locked by South Africa. We are all aware that Lesotho is preparing for its elections, which will take place on October 7, 2022.

Comments From Twitter

Moskovitch Nkosi

The Chinese have their eye on Lesotho, they are setting up factories, plants and corporate offices. They are building roads for export. Lesotho is a political risk for SA. We will laugh now but in a few years to come our ports will be transferring goods born of exploitation.


We laugh but this man might do better for our people than someone who looks like us.

Would rather choose a man who will better our people than a man who looks like me but only betters himself.

Thami Maphanga

Are you serious Gloria, do you think this will be accepted in China if roles were changed

Mafube Nicholson II

Before you could even consider that possibility you have to demonstrate that any non-black is capable of serving the interests of black people. You are naive and ignorant, how old are you?

As always people love to express their opinions. Some said the issue of a Chinese man running for elections in Lesotho was going to be a problem for South Africa as the country would be exporting via the country. He expresses that recently the Chinese are constructing roads. Later they will build factories and South Africa will find itself importing from Lesotho to the world.

But to my opinion people are the same we still have our black leaders that don't care about their people. Maybe if this man is given opportunity he will do best for Lesotho.

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