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Zimbabwe Was Better off Ruled By white People:See How It used to Look Like before/Opinion

At the point when Zimbabwe was in the possession of white individuals it was one of the most encouraging country in Africa .Before numerous nations even had tall structures were all the while looking like towns , Zimbabwe was at that point created .Should they have kept creating at the rate they were going today Zim would have been resembling a First world country. 

Zimbabwe additionally used to be known as the bread container of Africa however presently the nation is neglecting to take care of its own people.Its joblessness likewise at over 80% .Millions of Zimbabweans are living external the country. 

Since the time the nation acquired freedom in 1980 , Zim have gone easy from now on .No new improvements were made , no new structure has at any point been constructed, streets have been left to crumble or more all every one of the processing plants have now been transformed into places of worship .The homesteads that they powerfully took from white individuals are presently staying there iddle and they have escaped to different nations. 

The decision party has additionally figured out how to bankrupt the nation and put it in such a lot of obligation .The cash they are acquiring they are not utilizing it for improvements , it simply evaporates immediately and inexplicably . 

Imperialism was not something worth being thankful for, noone wished to return there however with the manner in which these Black drove Government are administering, we wind up reasoning perhaps expansionism was not that bad.Everyone had some work there, noone needed to pass on their own nation to be called outsiders elsewhere .People were not experiencing in outrageous neediness like they are presently . 

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