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Meet the one Zimbabwean guy that South Africans love. See who he is and why.

Meet the one Zimbabwean guy that South Africans love. See who he is and why. 

The immigration crisis in South Africa has led to many believing that there is no way South Africans and Zimbabweans can show each other love. But love exists and South Africans will show more love to any foreign national, especially Zimbabweans, who advise their countrymen well. 

Hopewell Chin'ono, a well known Zimbabwean journalist, has won the hearts of South Africans that have witnessed his contribution when it comes to advising Zimbabweans to go back home. Hopewell has been calling on Zimbabweans, his countrymen to return home to vote for change so that they do not have to be exposed to the harsh criticism they get in South Africa from South Africans. Chin'ono's advice to his countrymen seems to have worked as one Zimbabwean guy took a picture of him getting onto a bus to Zimbabwe. The person said that he was going back home to vote. Other Zimbabweans also commented and stated that they were also on their way back home so that they could register to vote. 

South Africans recommended Chin'ono for the work that he had been doing and said "You're good for playing your part in recruiting your citizens to come home and vote. Keep it up". 

" As South Africans, this is what we want to see, remove @edmnangagwa ASAP and make sure @ZANUPF_Official becomes a history in Zimbabwe". More positive feedback from South Africans can be seen on the retweets of the post.

Perhaps all Zimbabweans ever needed was for someone to inspire them to stand up for their own freedom and development. They could learn this from South Africans who are known for rebelling against oppression and things that they do not want. Nonetheless, Hopewell is a great leader, Zimbabwe also needs more support from South Africa to inspire them to vote for change. 

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