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Man Says Ramaphosa Must Vacate Office After This Video Of The President Surfaced On Twitter

Some people are saying that president Cyril Ramaphosa must vacate office now, saying that the president laughed at South Africans during level 5. He wrote, “No, he must vacate office as soon as possible. Voetsek Ramaphosa”. The statement began after a video of President Cyril Ramaphosa laughing during a speech making exercise surfaced on the internet, and people started saying that the president was laughing at the suffering of South Africans. The man who first posted the now viral video said on Twitter, “Voetsek Ramaphosa. Cyril Ramaphosa once laughed at our suffering during level 5". There are many people who have been urging president Cyril Ramaphosa to resign or step aside to save the country from poor administration and massive corruption after it was reported that the corruption in this present administration surpassed the corruption and embezzlement in the administration of former president, Jacob Zuma.

Another person said that president Cyril Ramaphosa must resign because even now, they are still laughing at the suffering of South Africans. It should be noted that Voetsek Cyril Ramaphosa is trending on Twitter now. A Twitter user and one of the people promoting the trend on social media said, “They are still laughing at us. This was a sign that he was only taking orders from the G7, he really didn’t know when will the lockdown end and when to implement it”. Another person said that president Cyril Ramaphosa must organize the police to move round the country and bundle up all illegal immigrants, Undocumented foreigners, unsolicited refugees and whatever, and send them back to their respective countries. He wrote, “#VoetsekRamaphosa Ramaphosa must announce a hard lockdown 21 days then get the SA police, immigration police, sandf including traffic cops they must work around the clock to send all undocumented foreigners home, otherwise”.

Many people are surprised that Voetsek Ramaphosa is trending on Twitter since morning. However, a South African youth warned that keeping the ANC in power for a longer time will be highly dangerous because they will become like the ZANU-PF. He again observed, “Voetsek Ramaphosa. The longer we keep the ANC in power, the more arrogant they get and the harder it will be to remove them. Remove them now by way of votes, or they will become the next ZANU-PF or King Mswati version of South Africa, and you'll need violence to remove them”. 

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