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Illegal Foreigners Exposed|| See How This Women Voted In Different Provinces Using Differebt ID

South Africans still have a long way to go when it comes to solving the issue of illegal immigrants in the country. The government of this country does not care at all bout this issue because they are so quiet like they are not even there. So much for having the governing party of the ANC that claims to be the government of the people but now when the people are raising concerns, they are nowhere to be found. The president of the country is so quiet and the deputy president David Mabuza is even worse. You would swear that this country does not have a deputy president.

In recent days South Africans have been amazed by just how illegal foreigners can easily get South African IDs. One would have thought that after getting one, they would be satisfied but that is not the case. They can get up to as many as three IDs. This revelation shocked the people. These people can do almost anything they want in this country but even with this kind of information being readily available, nothing will happen to these people. Law enforcement won't do anything about it. And to think that we have intelligence in the country is just a shame because they are not that intelligent after all.

With illegal foreigners being able to access the South African identity documents, this has become a problem for South Africans because they have been having fears that these people might be able to vote and it looks like their fears are already happening.

Foreigners are already voting in South Africa and this is something that needs to be solved come 2024. This is a clear indication that those politicians who are protecting foreigners know very well that those people vote for them and this is why they are trying hard to keep them in the country. They are voting with illegal documents. South Africa is just alive with possibilities.

It has emerged that one woman who has three South African identity documents and all with different numbers and names, has been registering to vote and worse of it is that she registered to vote in two different provinces and districts using her different ID documents.

Here we can see that this is Buthelezi Veronica Duduzile who has registered to vote in KwaZulu-Natal. However, this is not the end of it because this very same woman has been registered to vote yet again in another province.

Here we can see that it is the same person with a different ID number now registered to vote in Mpumalanga Mbombela. If this person is not voting for the ANC, she is voting for EFF. This is why the ANC is so quiet about this issue of the illegal foreigners and also the EFF is hell-bent on protecting them. They know that they will vote for them come 2024.

Operation Dudula, PutSouthAfricaFirst, and Patriotic Alliance need to work hard to ensure that these people are deported before we can vote. This just shows that the last election was not fair because we had illegal people voting.

It looks like we must have a system that allows just fingerprints and pictures. This way they can be able to see these culprits. This is the most effective way even though it might feel old-fashioned but it will work.

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